Our technology will give you the power to track your driver’s fuel consumption and will allow you to work with your employees to improve techniques that minimise costs and improve efficiencies.

Fuel costs are one of the most expensive aspects to running a transport company. Our fuel management system will record the fuel consumption of each individual driver and report this to you which is vital to increasing profits within your business.

Having your drivers aware of efficient driving behaviour by monitoring speed, hard acceleration and deceleration, excessive engine idle time – will help you drive big fuel efficiencies.

Getting your drivers to take notice of their kilometre per litre (KMPL) usage and comparing this against other drivers on the Survive Drive database will fix inefficiencies, cut fuel costs and increase profits.

  • Knowing your driver’s techniques allows you to reward them for fuel-efficient driving.
  • Allow you to train your drivers who aren’t getting great fuel efficiencies per kilometre therefore keeping costs down and getting a longer life from your trucks.
  • Ensure your fleet of trucks are properly maintained, so they can run as fuel efficiently as possible.
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Intelligent on-board diagnostic device


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