Managing your drivers is difficult and expensive. Knowing your drivers and rewarding them isn’t.

In the ever increasing and competitive logistics industry an efficient rostering system is essential. Some businesses may have dozens of different carriers to ensure goods are delivered In Full and On Time (DIFOT) and we understand that rostering your drivers to suit your operation can be a daunting and often extremely time consuming task.

The Survive Drive rostering system is cloud based whereby each carrier is given a start time at the required site through their mobile device.


The basic idea of the Survive Drive rostering function is to simplify the rostering process and also to make the people responsible for filling in the roster more accountable.

Changes in business needs and conditions whether they be seasonal, the business is expanding or you are in an FMCG environment, requires drivers to be ready at the correct time and often at short notice. Our app gives you an overall view to adequately fill in gaps when they arise.

  • Automated Validation checks
  • Reduced confusion for companies
  • De-creased accountability.
  • Easy to use.
  • Instant messaging
  • Drivers cannot work outside legal hours.
  • Takes the confusion out of fatigue laws.
  • Fully COR compliant.
  • Can be used over multiple sites to prevent “moonlighting”
  • Cloud based making everything in real time.
  • No risk of allocating a truck or driver twice.

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