Managing driver fatigue is a shared responsibility and Survive Drive’s app will allow you to monitor your driver’s fatigue levels, keeping our roads safer for all and freeing you from the worry of legal breaches. Survive Drives’ android app is based on the national road transport Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue laws which commenced on the 29th of September 2008. This reform makes all parties in the supply chain (COR) legally responsible for preventing driver fatigue. These laws monitor the work and rest limits for every heavy vehicle driver in order to manage their fatigue. This complex and timeconsuming system is extremely difficult to follow and understand. Our paperless, highly sophisticated android app takes into account the Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) and the Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) algorithm and notifies the driver when his rest time is required. It’s as simple as logging in when the driver arrives at work and then that driver starting the app once they commence driving. fatique-management The Survive Drive fatigue prevention app uses the national road transport Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue laws algorithm when preventing the driver’s fatigue. This takes into account set revised work and rest limits for heavy vehicle drivers. Having this feature eliminates the mounting concern of commercial drivers who “Moonlight”. Moonlighting is when a driver goes from one job to another, sometimes between different companies, without any rest. The result is fatigued drivers who are responsible for operating heavy machinery. This system doesn’t allow for any drivers to falsify log books. Survive Drive’s Fatigue Management app will notify the company by email if the driver complied with the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue laws. This then allows the company to take immediate action to contact the driver with solid evidence of non-compliance therefore removing liability within the Chain of Responsibility (COR). You will also be able to see all of this information in real time, from anywhere in the world by logging into the web portal. There is no need to hunt for files, hassle other staff members, or enter numerous websites to gain information.
  • Find issues internally before they become real violations, helping you build a culture of safety.
  • Track the individual driver not the vehicle.
  • Monitor your driver’s work and rest limits in real time.
  • Remove your company’s liability within the Chain of Responsibility (COR).
  • Automate driver logging and removes the guesswork and the time-consuming task of filling out manual paper logs.

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