We understand that dealing with agencies and an ever changing rotation of drivers can mean that certainty and trust play a big part in the logistics industry, however Survive Drive’s biometric fingerprint system verifies each driver’s identity and therefore their eligibility prior to commencing work. Fraudulent licences and the ever-changing face of every individual is a constant challenge within the commercial vehicle industry but because each driver has a unique fingerprint, Survive Drive makes sure whoever is supposed to be driving for you, has a current license and are abiding by fatigue laws. Having a centralised database of driver’s details associated with their biometric fingerprint removes a driver from breaking any of the fatigue laws and removes you from the Chain of Responsibility (COR). Survive Drive stores only a mathematical representation of the fingerprint on an SSL secure server. It isn’t possible for someone to reverse engineer an actual fingerprint image from this mathematical representation giving you tantamount confidence in who is driving your trucks. biometric
  • More accurate than visual licence checks.
  • Simple and quick to use.
  • Fingerprints are stored on SSL Secure Server.
  • Able to be used across all internal sites on a “live” basis.

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