Survive Drive will provide you with detailed information about your trucks so you are always at the forefront of what maintenance is needed giving you the knowledge to remain safe and avoid bigger problems down the track.
    assest-management Survive Drive’s asset management incorporates the pre-start checklist as well as damage reporting prior to a vehicle commencing work, therefore removing the company from liability. Our next generation asset management android app uploads all the information and images to the web portal, notifying company administrators of any defects or damage a vehicle may have. These notifications can be custom set to notify your nominated mechanic or repairer. Drivers can take photos of defects and damage to provide extra information about a check, which then records whether the Vehicle or Trailer passes or fails the drivers check. Depending on the result of all the checks performed, the driver will sign off against a specific declaration as defined in the checklist.
    • Takes date recorded photos of faults and failed Items.
    • Receive an email of failed items.
    • Vehicles can’t be allocated to drivers in the booking schedule while there are failed items.
    • No more waiting for paperwork to return to the office.
    • Monitor which vehicles have had their prestart completed.
    • Configure the system to suit your fleet/equipment.

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