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Survive Drive has developed technology that will enable those within the logistics industry to not only cut costs, streamline and automate manual processes but also to stringently uphold the law by simply engaging with Survive Drive’s Cloud based mobile technology.

Our all in one Web Portal uses the latest app technology to allow you to monitor fuel consumption, driver fatigue, booking of drivers, timesheet recording and accounting and creating rosters based on easily accessible and reliable data. We are also creating a database of drivers ranked by impartial statistics we collect which will allow you to make informed decisions about who you choose to trust with your cargo.

We are the first and only Australian company to offer a complete package for end to end management of your drivers. There is no need for you to engage multiple companies or buy a suite of products, because our revolutionary fleet booking scheduling system has been developed specifically for the transport industry and are all-inclusive, simple to use apps and web products. Using Survive Drive will not only reduce the amount of fatalities on the roads, but will also reduce your running costs dramatically which creates a safer and more efficient commercial vehicle industry.



Fleet Booking Schedule
  • Non biased booking system
  • Booking alert notifications for driver arrival time
  • Auto Booking
  • Auto Re-booking notifications
Truck Management
  • Pre-Start Checklist
  • Service History
  • Damage Reporting
  • Truck Booking
Driver Management
  • Driver Finger print recognition
  • Driver Booking Schedule
  • Driver Fatigue Management
  • Driver Electronic Time Sheet – Can connect through an API to most cloud based accounting softwares
  • Driver Induction Information
  • Driver Calendar i.e holidays, RDO’s
  • License Information
  • Driver History
  • Driver Monitoring, Speed, G Force, Reliability

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